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6 Apps every Erasmus student in Ljubljana needs

Are you an Erasmus student in Ljubljana?

Moving abroad is not always an easy task. It is true that you will meet new people, have a lot of fun and learn a lot. But on the other hand, erasmus life in an unknown city might increase the possibility of staying hungry, thirsty and lost. Ljubljana is generally easy to handle for erasmus students, however the following apps can help you master the city and make your experience even more amazing.


 Bicikelj service offers convenient, eco-friendly and quick way to get around in Ljubljana by bike. An ecological and healthy challenge a.k.a. free gym available 24 hours a day! You can find download (2)bikes in busy residential areas, shopping areas, close to public transport and some faculties. For 3 €, you can hire a bike as often as you wish over a one-year period. The first hour of rental is free, meaning you can cycle all Ljubljana for free (yes, Ljubljana is avery small city).Bicikel app will help you figure out which stations are available at the moment and how to find them.

 Ljubljana Bus

Arrived to bus stop and realised your next bus is coming in 20 minutes? Annoying! With Ljubljana Bus app this is not going to Unknownhappen. It provides you information on bus arrivals, bus stops information and all the bus lines in Ljubljana. You will also have a quick search option to find names or numbers of each station. Who will ever notice you’re not local?


Hosting a pizza party for your Erasmus friends? Or being hungover/lazy after just another crazy night in Parlament? E-Hrana will help you out. Fresh pizzas and4 other delicious food delivered to your doorstep. You can order it from app or online and choose among variety of different restaurants. Simple registration and cash on delivery payment. The best thing is, that you can use your student coupons too! Now, who cares if fridge is empty?

Radio Študent

6Most of Slovenian radio stations are playing same songs over and over and over and over again. And again. Radio Študent is a great option if you’re up for something fresh. It was established by Student Organization of the University of Ljubljana and offers alternative, urban, high-quality, non-commercial radio programming. Radio is also known for promoting tolerance, respect for different opinion, solidarity and multiculturalism. Download app to stream on your favourite device.

Tap water LjubljanaUnknown

It is no longer a secret that drinking water at night prevents your hangover in the morning. When no shop is opened and you got a strange look from waiter when asking for a glass of water, this app can bring a thirst-friendly solution. The app determines your location and helps you find the nearest of 17 drinking water fountains in Ljubljana. The fountains are constantly monitored to assure quality of water.

When organizing trips around Slovenia, there’s high chance you will face a problem: S3lovenian public transport system is quite expensive and sometimes extremely slow. Therefore, Slovenians like to travel around using car sharing system. For small € contribution, you will be able to join travellers on their way around Slovenia. This app will help you check the offer
and book your ride. Pay attention to international rides as well. Imagine, in few hours you could be in Budapest or Wien!

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