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Maribor: Where To Order Food Delivery Online?

Exchange time is mostly about going out and socializing with other students, but there are days when we don’t feel like doing anything – not even going our for lunch or to get food from grocery shop. On those days, food delivery is the best invention ever made and it can literary save life!

Therefore, we wanted to know which food delivery restaurants in Maribor offer and deliver good meals that you can pay using student coupons. So let’s see!

Maribor: Where to order food delivery online with student coupons if you are looking for:

The cheapest option?  City Grill – Student coupon price: only 2€

City Grill is located at Slovenska ulica 18, on the edge of Maribor central area. Their menu contains little choice, but very good quality for price. When using student coupons, you can get two bureks, Balkan style grilled meat or pizza for 2€ only. For those that are new to the area: Burek is a family of baked filled pastries made of a thin flaky dough, found in the cuisines of the former Ottoman Empire. A burek may be prepared in a large pan and cut into portions after baking, or as individual pastries. It is very popular especially in North Africa and throughout the Balkans – including Maribor.

You can order food delivery from City Grill online at:

Food delivery

In Slovenia, burek is well known to be the best food after partying (and drinking). It is believed that having burek before going to sleep will avoid hangover on the next day.

Good Chinese meal? Kitajska restavracija Sonce – Student coupon price: 3.3€

Traditional Chinese restaurant that is delicious and fast in delivery. For a student coupon price you will get an appetizer (you choose between soup or spring rolls), salad ( beansprouts or spicy cabbage), fruit and a main dish. For main dish you can choose between chicken, pork, beef of seafood dishes. They also offer some specialties with interesting names such as young happiness 🙂

We like this restaurant because portions are quite big, price is reasonable and delivery is fast.

You can order food delivery from Chinese restaurant Sonce at:

Up for some Cuban food? Cantante cafe Tabor – Student coupon price: 3.47€

Cantante cafe Tabor is the first Cuban restaurant in Maribor. They have old tradition of serving the best Cuban and South American dishes in town including delicious cocktails. They will deliver you chaletas, tacos, quesadillas, pizzas, paellas, burritos and more. We like their chaletas, filled with cheese, salad, tomato, pepper, sauce and your own choice of filling. The restaurant is located in Tabor and have also an outside area to sit (with rooftop). It is a good choice for a lunch outside as well as delivery.

You can order food delivery from Cantante Cafe Tabor online at:

Cantante cafe center hrana

Simply pizza? Cantante Cafe Center – Student coupon price: 3.37€

For a student coupon and only 3.37€ price, they will deliver you pizzas, pasta, vegetarian and meat dishes,  salads piedinas and bruschettas. Every main dish comes with a soup, salad and a side dish.

You can order food delivery from Cantente cafe Center online at:

Some huge burgers? Šiš – Student coupon price: 2.99€ – No student coupons for delivery, but still reasonable prices

Šiš is a legendary burger place in Maribor, located in Lent, just next to Drava river. You can eat there with student coupons or order food delivery (without student coupons, but still reasonably priced. Burgers and tortillas from 4€ on). Šiš is mostly known for (very big) burgers where you can choose among three different sizes. Other dishes that will prevent you from staying hungry are traditional Balkan grill dishes, sandwiches and even some fit menus to keep the shape.

You can order food delivery from Šiš online at:

Šiš dostava hrane: burger


We wish you a great exchange in Maribor. Never stay hungry! 🙂