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Food delivery: Where to order online in Ljubljana

Food delivery is extremely convenient in case of empty fridge and high level of laziness (as we all know) ūüôā
Exchange time is mostly about going out and socializing with other students, but there are days when we don’t feel like doing anything – not even going our for lunch or to get food from grocery shop. On those days, food delivery is the best invention ever made and it can literary save life!
Therefore, we wanted to know which food delivery restaurants in Ljubljana offer and deliver good meals that you can pay using student coupons. So let’s see!

Food delivery in Ljubljana: Which are the best options to order with student coupons if you are looking for:

The cheapest option? ¬†Halo Janez¬†– Student coupon price: 3.27‚ā¨

Located in BeŇĺigrad, they deliver food all around Ljubljana and its surroundings. You will find a wide selection of different meals including Mexican food, pizzas and typical Slovenian food. For students, there are more then 60 different student menus available, all including a soup, dessert and a fruit. You can order a meal with student coupons online, so no need for calling and speaking Slovenian ūüôā

Check out their menu and order online:

Halo Janez Pizza

Good¬†Chinese meal?¬†Kitajski dvor – Student coupon price: 3.50‚ā¨

Kitajski dvor brings you real feeling of China to your doorstep. Try amazing Chinese dishes¬†such as sweet and sour pork or chicken or¬†Mongolian style meat. If you are up for something spicy, then try the Sichuan dishes. At Kitajski dvor, any choice will be mouth watering.¬†Use your student coupon and get soup, main dish and dessert for 3.5‚ā¨ only.

Check out their menu and order online:

Kitajski dvor ramen

Crazy for Mexican? Imperio Mexicano – Student coupon price: 4.37‚ā¨

This Mexican restaurant will deliver you tasty snacks, tortillas, salads, meat specialties as well as vegetarian dishes. When ordering with student coupons, you can choose among 40 different student menus, all including main dish, salad and dessert.¬†When hosting a party try ordering¬†different snacks such as onion rings, chicken taquitos or mozzarela sticks. Good news at Imperio Mexicano is,¬†that on every 10‚ā¨ spent you get a liter and a half of juice for free. Oh yeah! ūüôā

Check out their menu and order online:

Imperio mexicano tortillje

Something spicy? Tandoori Indian and Bengali food¬†¬†– Student coupon price: 3.70‚ā¨

Tandoori is the only restaurant with student coupons that offer Bengali food. Their menu will not leave you hungry. If you are not familiar with Bengali food, then maybe you should search¬†some dishes before ordering.¬†When google tells you what is “Biryani Thali” or “Kari Thali” then you can finally order your new favorite Bengali dish.¬†With student coupons, Tandoori offers you 23 different menus, so there is no fear a spices lover would stay hungry. Enjoy!

Check out their menu and order online:

Tandoori wrap

Real Balkan deal? Balkan Express– Student coupon price: 4.37‚ā¨

If you are hungry for Balkan food ( means hungry for meat, meat and a lot of meat), then Balkan Express¬†is a great choice. You can choose among typical Balkan barbecue dishes like ńćevapńćińći or veŇ°alica. If you are cold, try “Bosanski lonec” – a Bosnian stew made of ¬†meat, vegetable and potatoes. For those who prefer a meatless meal, Balkan Express¬†has¬†several options such as grilled salmon, grilled vegetables or grilled mushrooms.

Check out their menu and order online:

Tramvaj ńćevapńćińći


We wish you a great erasmus stay in Ljubjana. Never be hungry! ūüôā