Erasmus students: Slovenian craft beers you have to try

Next time you’re out for a beer, let Slovenian craft beer be your choice. Don’t just automatically go for Laško or Union. Our beers from microbreweries are delicious as well!

Slovenian water has all the requirements for ale beers, beers that are originally coming from England. The water is harder than, for example, water in Germany. That makes it better for brewing ale beers than lager beers.

Slovenian craft beers you have to try:

We present you the best Slovenian craft beers that you have to try. Read about the beers, their style, aroma and taste. With every beer, we also recommend some food that you can order online from, which is the biggest online food ordering platform in Slovenia.

  1. Reservouir Dogs

Reservour Dogs is one of the youngest Slovenian micro breweries, which got the name after Tarantino movie with the very same name. They call themselves gipsy brewers, because they can move around and brew their beer where ever. However, till now, they’ve been brewing it in Ajdovščina –  a small, mediterranean climate town with a population of about 6,700 people. It is located in the Vipava Valley.  Even though the brewery is young, the beer taste like it’s been brewed with a lot of experience.

Our pick: Reservouir dogs – Wet dreams

Style: Indian pale ale

Aroma: Aroma is mostely of hops, with pine, citrus, slightly spicy like character. Unusual but very sympathetic taste.

Alcohol: 6%

Food that we recommend with it: Burgers from Top Chef



  1. Pelicon

Another independent micro brewery, coming from Vipava valley. Their beers are unfiltered, and full of taste. The team is used to get awards, since they have been chosen for best several times. They were voted for the best Slovenian brewery in the year 2014. Their beer Quantum DIPA was announced as the second best  beer at Slovenian beer festival in year 2015.

Two saturdays in a month you can visit them in Ajdovščina as they organize a small beer market. It’s a good place to learn more about their beer and get a chance to buy it in bottles or draft (It’s wise to buy it there, as they are often sold out elsewhere). To get more information on that event you can check their facebook. Apart from beer market, you can also go there for beer tasting which they organize in cooperation with degustation house Faladur.

Our pick: Pelicon – Yes boss!

Style: American pale ale

Aroma: Fruity aroma, some strawberry and malt, caramel, quite strong aroma, in the end it pleasures you with long lasting bitterness.

Alcohol: 4.8%

Food that we recommend with it: Mexican food from Imperio Mexicano

Erasmus students: mexican food


  1. Mali grad

A boutique brewery, coming from under the mountains of Kamnik. In Slovenian, mali grad means little castle and they got their name after a “little castle”, once formed part of a castle constructed in the 11th or early 12th century at the strategic site above the narrow passage near an important trail that is located in Kamnik, a town 15km north from Ljubljana.

The brewery started as a weekend and free time project from a young couple, who was brewing beers only at night and on weekends. The reason for that is that both of them were working full time. Soon, their beer got noticed and they presented it to bigger audience at Kamfest, the festival of Kamnik.

Their first moto is quality, that is why they only use top ingredients to brew their beers. The recipes have their personal note with ideas coming from German and English sorts of beers.

Our pick: Mali grad – Pale ale

Style: American Pale ale

Alcohol: 4.6%

Aroma: The beer reminds of indian pale ale a bit, aroma is fruity, exotic and hoppy. Bosy is well carbonated, not too bitter more hints of exotic fruits.  

Food that we recommend with it: Balkan grill from Hallo Leskovac 

balkan grill food for erasmus students


  1. Bevog craft brewery

After having some problems with Slovenian red tape, the founder of Bevog brewery decided to locate the brewery in Austria. It is now situated just at the other side of Slovenian-Austrian border. The demand for their beers was very high already in the first year of production and the brewery had to expand 4 times in the first one and a half year of existence.

Still, they say they don’t want to compete with large breweries and want to keep in experimenting with different kinds of flavours.

Their beers ideas come from Belgium, Germany and England, brewing beers from pale ale to smoked porter and outmeal stout and golden ales.  

At the place where the brewery was supposed to stand, you can now visit their pub: Pivohram Golar in Gornja Radgona.

Our pick: Bevog – Ond

Style: Smoked porter

Alcohol: 6.3%

Aroma: The smoked character is incorporated into the entire beer and does not obscure the combination of roasted malts that give it a chocolaty and caramely character.

Food that we recommend with it: Pizzas from Restavracija in Pizzerija B2


erasmus students: Pizza

  1. Human Fish

Located in Vrhnika, which is located on the Ljubljanica River, 21 km from Ljubljana. Their speciality is that they use an American way of brewing, which allows more experimenting than Check or Bawarian traditional brewing. You can visit them in Vrhnika, see the process of making beer and try out their beers. The tour and tasting lasts aproximatelly an hour and a half. The beers thay always have in stock are pale ales, stout and indian pale ales. Seasonally, you can also try German doppel beck, Belgian white beer and red Irish beer. If you manage to answer some questions during the visit, you can also walk out with some tasty liquid in your hands.

Our pick: Human fish – Pale ale

Style: English pale ale


Aroma: Aroma is pleasantly biscuity, bready, some citruses and grass. Golden, hazy, white foam and minimal head.

Food that we recommend with it: Indian food from Tandoori



That’s it! Don’t forget to enjoy your Erasmus experience as much as you can. And when you’re too lazy to go out for lunch, will always be there with you! 🙂