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Erasmus students: Eating out with student coupons

Ever heard of student coupons? Erasmus exchange in Slovenia has, among many others, one big advantage. This is that eating out will be quite cheap for you! The government subsidized student meals in restaurants are available all around Slovenia. This means that you can have Mexican, Slovenian, Chinese, pizza or whatever food you feel like in many different restaurants.

Government is willing to pay a part of your meal. From every meal you enjoy as a student, 2.63€ will be deducted and paid by government. Preety cool, ha?

FAQ: What every erasmus should know about student coupons?


erasmus students: eating pizzaSo how does that look like in practice?

You go to the restaurant and ask for student menu. Then you order the meal. Sometimes, you will have to identify yourself straight away and sometimes you can do it at the end. Every restaurant has a fixed price of meal that you will pay for your menu. No mather what you choose, the price you will pay will be always the same in this restaurant. If the price you are paying is for example 4€, that means that the actual value of meal is 6.63€, because government is paying the rest (2.63€).

What kind of meals I get?

Every student meal has to include: Main dish, glass of water, and two out of three of following dishes: Salat, soup and desset. So, for example, you can get: Soup, main dish and a salat. Or, Main dish, salat and dessert. It also varies from restaurant to restaurants.

How do I register for student coupons?

  1. You will first have to register online at this address:
  2. Print out the data you entered or save the registration number – you will need it later
  3. You have to bring this number to student meal office of your student organisation ( you will have to go there personally). You can check the closest office at this link:
  4. When you go to visit your student organisation, don’t forget to bring:
    1. the printed form of online registration (or registration number written down only)
    2. identification document
    3. a proof of enrolment to University
  5. At the counter of student organisation office, you will go trough your data and then you will select the device, you will use for identification during your erasmus stay

What can be the identification devices:

  • your mobile phone or a phone number (free of charge)
  • contactless smartcard ( costs 15€ and will be ready in 5 working days)
  1. After all of this is done, you can go back to and activate your account. At your account you can always check how many coupons you still have remaining and so on.

How many student coupons I can get:

For every working day you have 1 student coupons you can use. This means that you have 20 coupons a month, which can also be used during weekends.

How does it work in the restaurant?

First, you should check that the restaurant you want to eat in provide student coupons. Not every restaurant has it, however there is still plenty of choice. To see where you can eat with student coupons visit:

When ordering your meal in a restaurant, you will have to call number 1808 with your phone and place your phone to the terminal. With that, you will be identified. Waiter will know your name, how many meals you can still have and if the last meal you had was more than 4 hours ago. After that, you will still have to show your ID or student ID, to prove the phone was yours.

Can I order delivery using student coupons?

Yes you can. When you order delivery, you just have to let them know that you will be using student coupons. So when delivery boy arrives, he will have the terminal ready for you. Don’t forget to have your phone or identification card and your ID ready.

From where can I order food delivery with student coupons?

To see which restaurants offer delivery with coupons go to This is a platform for ordering your food delivery online. First, you have to choose the city, than you can browse different restaurants. Apply “for students” in the filter, to see only restaurants that deliver food with student coupons. The platform is in English, however the menus are not translated. Google translate can help you with that.

Are there any limitation for using student coupons?

Yes, there are soerasmus student girl is eating pizzame.

You have to know that you can use student coupons only until 8pm in the evening. If you arrive to the restaurant late, let’s say 19.40., you can still eat, but make sure that you call the number 1808 and identify yourself until 20.00. If you do not identify yourself until 8pm you will be charged full price.

Another limitation is that there has to be at least 4 hours between meals. So let’s say you used your student coupons at 13.00 for lunch. The next time you can use it is at 19.00. You can order your dinner before that, let’s say 18.30., but for identification you will have to wait until 19.00.

What if some of my friends don’t have student coupons and we want to eat together?

No problem. In that case, you ask the waiter for student menu for yourself and a normal menu for your friend. Please note, that it is mostly impossible that a person without student coupons could order from student menu and just try to pay full price. Normally, they will have to use a different (more expensive) menu.

That should be it. We wish you a sweet Erasmus experience in Slovenia! And enjoy your meals! 🙂

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